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Hello, Third Trimester!

May 30, 2019

Today (May 30) marks day one of my third trimester, and so far I’m feeling great! There’s the typical pregnancy discomfort: backache, itchy belly, constantly having to pee, and wanting to eat everything in the fridge every second of the day…but nothing I can’t manage. I think my fingers and feet are starting to swell a bit, and the weight gain might be causing me some plantar fasciitis BUT I have some fantastic news!!

I went in for a second glucose tolerance test on the 22nd, and I was really worried that I’d fail and have to do the three-hour test. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Ben in 2016, but since then I’d cleaned up my diet a bit, started working out more regularly, and lowered my alcohol intake (pregnancy made me a lightweight!).

I didn’t have to fast for this one, so to help ensure a good result I stuck to a pretty low-sugar breakfast: two scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, and my favorite almond-coconut milk creamer in my coffee. It must have helped because when the doctor called me on Friday to go over my results, my blood sugar was only 87! The maximum value to avoid going to the three-hour test was 139, so I was well under that. I’m very happy to not have to deal with gestational diabetes again, though after I give birth I will still have to watch my weight and what I eat since type II diabetes runs in my family.

I do, however, have to up my iron intake for the last three months. My hemoglobin level had dropped pretty significantly since my last blood work, and I’m a hair’s breadth from anemic. Now in addition to my morning levothyroxine, I will be taking an iron supplement at lunch, and my normal prenatal at bedtime, with a snack. Since I’m basically doubling my iron intake I definitely need to be eating more fiber to prevent constipation (how fun!).

Look at that little nose! BTW that head is already in the 89th percentile. Pray for my lady bits.

Eliot is now the size of a coconut, about 16 inches tall and over 2.5 lbs. He’s a strong little dude, kicking a LOT and starting to roll around more. He had been head down with his back toward my right hip for a long time, but now I find him switching to the other side occasionally. My left side is where the placenta is located, so he might find that area a bit cramped.

Tonight Peter and I are going out for a date night, and it’s concert time! We’re seeing She Wants Revenge down in San Marco, and I bet Eliot will be bouncing along with the music. With any luck, I won’t be exhausted by the time the main act goes onstage…perhaps a cup of coffee is in order.

That’s all for this update, I’ll be back soon!


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