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What We’re Eating: April 28 – May 4

April 27, 2019
Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

With all of the craziness of the last several months, we’ve fallen off the meal planning wagon. It’s time to hop back on and get back on track! Not knowing what I’ll be making for dinner causes more stress than I need right now, even if I do manage to whip up something healthy at the last minute. I really want to get out of the habit of running to Publix every day to find something to make for dinner, so having a plan makes life so much simpler…in the kitchen, at least!

Peter and I spent last weekend going through our garage chest freezer and kitchen freezer. After cleaning and organizing, I wrote down every item of food we currently have into a freezer inventory. This helps us stay on top of what we can cook with, and also lets us see what we’re out of when it’s time to head to the grocery store! I found an awesome printable from The Homes I Have Made, and I love how colorful and easy-to-use it is.

So, what’s on our menu?

Sunday, April 28:
Cornish hens with honey maple roasted carrots and sautéed kale

Monday, April 29:
Cauliflower tacos with purple cabbage, avocado, and sriracha mayo dressing

Tuesday, April 30:
Zucchini lamb meatball pitas with tzatziki sauce

Wednesday, May 1:
Panko crusted fish & chips with purple cabbage slaw

Thursday, May 2:
Parmesan chicken cauliflower gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach

Friday, May 3:
Creamy roasted cauliflower and potato curry with peas and basmati rice

Saturday, May 4:
May the Fourth Be With You!
Dewback ribs, Bantha fodder, and megasweet fritters
(AKA slow cooker bbq ribs, broccoli salad, and sweetcorn fritters)

If you feel inspired, let me know what you’re planning in the comments, or tag me in your photos on Instagram with #honestlyalyssa!


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