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April 17, 2019

Oh, hey! I’m back! Sorry about the long (very, very long) break. I’ve been a little busy, a little stressed, and a lot “I don’t have the brainpower to write anything right now.” It happens, and it’s ok. It’s not like I’m getting paid to do this! Sooo, where to begin? I guess it’s best to move chronologically, so we’ll start in October.

Peter and I had been wanting to upgrade Isaac’s bedroom furniture for a while, so we finally took the leap and got him a new bed, dresser, and desk. While we were waiting for them to be delivered, we figured his room could use a fresh coat of paint too. I’m pretty sure this was the fastest paint job I’ve ever done, given that I had less than a week to complete it. I drew some decor inspiration from his favorite games, hit up Etsy for some new art, and framed all of his ribbons from swimming. He loves it, and this bedroom set will last him through college at least!

My parents came to visit around Halloween, and we had a great time taking them to see the alligators at the St Augustine Alligator Farm. Ben decided he wanted to be the next Steve Irwin; he made friends with the cassowary and happily clambered up on a giant stuffed alligator.

Later that evening he was dressed up as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (currently his favorite thing to watch besides Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies). He’s got the knocking bit down…he just tries to walk into people’s houses to get the candy when they open the door! We’ll work on that for next year.

Up next was November! I celebrated my 32nd birthday and got to go out on a wonderful (and long-awaited) date with Peter. We hit up the Museum of Contemporary Art, wandered through Chamblin’s Uptown, and then settled down to a fantastic dinner at Bistro Aix in San Marco.

Mid-November brought finals, which meant stress and lots of studying. It would have been nice if I had remembered FSCJ doesn’t grade on a plus/minus system, but the extra work I did to ensure an A in my statistics class was definitely reflected in my grade. I finished the semester with straight As, and finally completed my Associate’s degree. Huzzah!

I never want to look at this book again, ever.

Next up is the holiday season! We went pretty traditional with Thanksgiving this year, even if it was only three of us. We may have made more pie than was necessary (pumpkin and brown butter bourbon pecan), but I think the ratio of pie to people was ideal.

The day after Thanksgiving I decorated for Christmas, which is not something I normally do. I’m kind of a procrastinator (can’t you tell?) but for some reason, I really wanted to get stuff decorated and get in the festive spirit ASAP. I wasn’t happy with how the boys’ stockings turned out last year (way too small!), so I whipped up some larger ones. Ben got a space-themed one that matches his room, and Isaac got a vintage Mario-themed one.

I think this is where I’m going to stop for a bit, because the rest of December gets a little heavy and this post is long enough already. I promise it won’t be another … 6 months before I post again!


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