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SF Day 1: Sea Lions, Science, & Sightseeing

October 13, 2018

Ah, San Francisco. The fog! The streetcars! The absurdly overpriced housing and lack of parking! Er…maybe we’ll stick to the fun bits. When we last met, I was telling you about how we got to SF. In this post, we’ll look back on day one of our two-day adventure in the city by the bay.

Sunday morning we all got up early. Like, really early. Keep in mind we’re East coast dwellers, so to us, the 5 am wakeup felt more like 8 am! Granted, I spent most of that first night crowded to the very edge of a full-size bed by my dear sweet toddler son, who enjoys sleeping sideways and kicking me in the boobs. I love my child. I love my child. I love my child even when he kicks me in tender spots and takes up the entire bed and only lets me get 4 hours of sleep…


Hello world!

August 27, 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first post EVER on my blog! I’ve been sitting on this thing for months now, and it’s only in the last two…


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