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Quarantine Diary: Day ???

March 23, 2020
gloved hand with bottle of Clorox cleaning spray

Peter and I are sitting on the couch, the boys are in bed, and we’re watching Outbreak on Netflix. Apparently it’s not enough to be constantly stressed out by the news, we also choose to watch movies about horrifying pandemics! I’m a little distracted a lot of the time (who isn’t?) so I’m also scrolling through Twitter while we watch when I come across this tweet:

I agree that it’s a pretty good idea. Keeping a record during times like these is important for those who come after us, so they see not only the official reports but also the everyday life reports of the people living through it.

I suppose that’s the entire point of having a blog, so I may as well dive back into this thing and write down what we’re living through.

Blog Health

Hello, Third Trimester!

May 30, 2019

Today (May 30) marks day one of my third trimester, and so far I’m feeling great! There’s the typical pregnancy discomfort: backache, itchy belly, constantly having…


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